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UNHP strongly supports scholars forming habits of mind that will lead to their lifelong success.  The wearing of the uniform signifies community and the scholar’s desire to attain excellence through focused effort.  All scholars will be in uniform accordingly.  Scholars who come to school inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to attend any classes until they are in proper uniform.  The Uplift North Hills Preparatory administrative team is responsible for interpreting, implementing, and enforcing the dress code policy.  The only exception to this section of the handbook is religious beliefs, and parents must consult with the administration about their specific concerns and how they affect the dress code.  The Campus Director is the final arbiter in determining when attire is not acceptable.


  • Scholars will only be permitted to enter the classroom if they are meeting the expectations for the UNHP Uniform Policy described in this handbook.
  • If the uniform violation is correctible, the teacher will request that the scholar correct the issue before entering class.
  • If correcting a uniform violation causes a scholar to be tardy, the scholar will NOT be excused.
  • If the uniform violation is not correctible, the 1st period teacher will send Upper School scholars to the Dean of Scholars (Ms. Hargrove) in the EC from 8:15 – 8:30 am.  Middle School Scholars will be sent to the Dean of Scholars’ office (Ms. Oldham). The respective Dean of Scholars will contact the scholar’s parent/guardian to request the issue be corrected ASAP.
  • After three uniform violations that are not correctible, a Dean will require a parent conference before the scholar can return to class.
  • Uniform Violations reset at the beginning of a new quarter.
  • Scholars who continue to violate the dress code may be placed on a permanent professional uniform plan where they will wear the professional uniform every day.


The following are scholar uniform requirements:



Identification badges are considered part of the uniform code. All scholars must wear a school identification badge. Scholars will be given an identification badge and a lanyard at the beginning of the school year.  The ID Badge should be worn at all times and be free of any decoration or mutilation.



Scholars with damaged, altered, defaced, or lost ID badges shall purchase a replacement ID badge. A replacement fee of $10.00 shall be assessed for each occurrence of a lost/damaged ID badge.



Scholars are required to wear long or short-sleeved white button-down oxford shirts or polo shirts with the UNHP Logo.  12th grade scholars may wear light blue button-down oxford shirts (long or short sleeve).  Long sleeves on oxford shirt must be either buttoned or rolled up. The hem of all shirts must be fully tucked in all around waist and not rolled under.  All shirt buttons, including the buttons on the collar points, must be buttoned during school hours. When a tie is required, the collar button must be buttoned during school hours. This is the only button that may be undone when not wearing a tie.  On Mondays, scholars may wear the blue VIP t-shirt in lieu of their oxford shirt and tie (2014-2015 school year only).  On Tuesday – Friday, scholars may wear polo shirts with the UNHP logo in place of the oxford shirt.



Pants must be worn appropriately and modestly. The following guidelines must be observed:

  • Pants must be gray with belt loops.  No gray jeans are allowed. 

  • Scholars must not wear pants that fit tightly

  • Pants are to be worn at the natural waistline (no “hip huggers” or sagging)

  • Hems may not touch the floor



Scholars wearing pants must wear a belt every weekday that is black leather with a small, simple buckle. No designer or logo buckles are permitted.  Scholars may not wear billfold or watch chains that hang from the waist.



Scholars may only wear a solid white, long or short sleeved T-shirt under the dress shirt or spirit polo shirt. Writing on undershirts or logos is not permitted underneath uniform shirts.  Undershirts are to be tucked into the waistband of skirts/pants and the sleeves may not extend beyond the sleeves of the dress/polo shirt.



Ties are required every Monday with white oxford button down shirt starting the first Monday in October through the last Monday in April.



Scholars in grades 9 – 12 are required to wear a navy blue blazer on Monday starting the first Monday in October through the last Monday in April.





Girls may wear the plaid skirt or grey skirt (12th grade).  Skirt length must be 3 inches in length from the crease in the back of the knee.



All girls are required to wear modesty shorts or P. E. shorts under skirts. Modesty shorts must not be visible beyond the hem of the skirt.



Scholars are required to wear solid navy blue or black socks.  Scholars are not permitted to wear socks with logos or patterns.  Girls may wear solid navy, white opaque or black tights (toe to waist).



Boys are required to wear either the Parker Uniform Trimfoot Black Oxford Shoe (or any similar solid black leather dress shoe with non-scuff soles) or the New Balance Black Athletic Lace Up (or any solid black leather tennis shoes with black soles and black laces).  
                                       shoe 2       shoe 1                                           

Girls are required to wear the Parker Uniform Black Ballet Flat (or any similar solid black leather ballet flat), the Parker Uniforms Classic Navy and White Saddle Oxford (or any similar navy and white saddle oxford), or the New Balance White Athletic Lace Up (or any solid white leather tennis shoes with white soles and white laces).   



No other shoe options for boys or girls are allowed, including Toms, Sperrys, Vans, Converse, any athletic shoe for boys that is not solid black leather (logos and soles included) or any athletic shoe for girls that is not solid white leather (logos and soles included).  The athletic shoes pictured below can be worn for both PE and with the school uniform.  


Hunter green sweaters (MS) and navy blue sweaters (US) and can be worn inside classrooms.  The sweaters must be plain without writing or decoration.  The official UNHP sweatshirt (sold by Parker Uniform) may be worn in the classrooms Monday – Friday in grades 6 – 8.  Upper School scholars are allowed to wear any approved Uplift North Hills outerwear Tuesday – Friday.  Approved outerwear for Upper School scholars includes the official UNHP sweatshirt, class/athletics sweatshirts, class/athletics jackets, and UNHP Letter Jackets.  When the feels-like temperature is lower than 40 F, scholars in grades 6 – 12 may wear a solid navy, forest green, gray, or black peacoat in the building (see examples below).



Scholars are not permitted to wear hats, caps, visors, sunglasses or other headwear during school hours. All hair accessories and cultural head covers must be of school colors (navy blue, dark green, white, black or white in solid colors).



Hair must be of one length, even, clean, neatly styled, not cover the eyes and be of a naturally occurring hair color.  Boys’ hair length must be above the eyebrows, of one length, even around their head, and no longer than the top of the collar in the back of the uniform shirt.  No hair tails or designs are permitted. Primary scholars may not color their hair.



All boys in grades 9 – 12 must be clean shaven.  No facial hair is permitted.



Girls in Grades 6-12 may wear moderate natural makeup, which may include foundation, blush and mascara. Lip color must be light pink, clear or a color that matches the scholar’s natural lip color. Makeup should be applied at home or in restrooms and cannot be applied in hallways or classrooms. Boys are not permitted to wear makeup.



Boys are not permitted to wear nail polish. Nail polish for girls must be natural color and must be maintained.



Body piercing (including nose rings), other than ears, is not permitted. Girls are allowed only two earrings per ear. Necklaces should be modest with no large or distracting pendants. No “studded” necklaces or bracelets are allowed, as well as any chain type jewelry or billfold. Earrings should not be longer or wider than two inches from the earlobe. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.



Backpacks should be standard size and free of offensive symbols or words. Rolling backpacks are not permitted without written instructions from doctor. 



Scholars are required to wear Monday dress uniform to all competitions at school and at off-site locations unless there is prior permission given from the Director. 



Ties are required every Monday with white oxford button down shirt, starting the first Monday in October through the last Monday in April for scholars in grades 6 – 12.  Scholars in grades 9 – 12 are also required to wear a navy blue blazer on Monday starting the first Monday in October through the last Monday in April.  Scholars whose parents have donated to the annual VIP fund will be permitted to wear any UNHP polo on Mondays in lieu of the blazer, oxford shirt, and tie.   These scholars will be issued an ID that indicates they are exempt from the formal Monday dress.



On Fridays, secondary scholars are encouraged to wear appropriately fitting college t-shirts, college polos, or college crewneck sweatshirts with their uniform pants/skirts and shoes.  Scholars may also choose to wear North Hills spirit t-shirts with their uniform pants/skirts and shoes on Fridays.  No scholars may wear other college gear, including jackets or hoodies.  


Casual dress days will be made available at designated times throughout the school year. All scholars in good academic and disciplinary standing will have a casual day the last day of each quarter. Casual dress privileges may be revoked for scholars who do not comply with all dress code policies, as determined by the administration.


On approved casual days, only shirts that do not display offensive language or images of violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or the occult may be worn as long as it has sleeves, covers the midriff area and is not low-cut. Shirt must fit in a modest fashion and not be too tight.  No shorts are allowed.  Pants and skirts adhering to the uniform code for length may be worn and must not be torn or have holes. Athletic uniform clothing may be worn with the exception of sweat pants. Clothing must follow the same guidelines for fit and length as comparable to the uniform.



Scholars taking a PE course are required to wear the UNHP approved P.E. uniform.  Wearing the PE uniform is restricted to the P.E. soccer field and gym. It should not be worn in classrooms, the library, the main building, or the scholar common areas:

  • Warm Weather:  Scholars are to wear UNHP PE t-shirts, green or black basketball shorts, and athletic shoes with white socks.

  • Cold Weather:  Scholars may wear UNHP spirit sweatshirts, sweatpants, or wind suits.



The Administration of UNHP has not only the authority, but also the responsibility to maintain dress and behavior standards that are consistent with our network, campus, and community standards for school sponsored dances. 


The following dress code will be enforced for all school-sponsored dances:

  • Generally, young ladies are allowed to wear semi-formal or formal gowns, or a formal evening outfit with pants.  Strapless and spaghetti strap tops are permitted.  A young man is allowed to wear a tuxedo, a suits, or a sports coat with a dress shirt and a tie, and dress shoes.

  • If the attire might be considered questionable, scholars are encouraged to show their evening wear to the Dean of Students at least 24 hours prior to the event to determine if it is appropriate.  If a UNHP scholar’s date is not an UNHP scholar, it is the sole responsibility of the UNHP scholar to inform his/her date that the dress code and behavior requirements will apply to the date, as well. 

  • The following is not acceptable:

    • No extremely low cut dresses, front or back.  The front of the dress must not fall below the bra line.

    • No two piece formal gowns or pants/top where the midriff shows.

    • No see-through gowns or pants/top.

    • No shorts.

    • No tennis shoes.

    • No torn clothing.

          Consequences for failure to adhere to the dress code policy are as follows:

  • Scholars will not be permitted into the dance or will be escorted from the dance, should the violation occur later in the evening. 

  • An administrator/chaperone will immediately contact the parents of the scholar.

  • No money will be refunded.


    The following behavior policies will be enforced for all school-sponsored dances:

  • Sexually suggestive dancing will not be permitted. 

  • Public displays of affection, such as kissing or other intimate actions, will not be considered acceptable. 

  • Loud, unruly, or other destructive or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.


    Consequences for failure to adhere to the behavior code policy are as follows

  • Scholars will be verbally warned ONE TIME by an administrator/chaperone about the offending behavior(s).

  • Should the behavior(s) continue after the warning, the scholar will be escorted from the dance.

  • An administrator/chaperone will immediately contact the parents of the scholar.

  • No money will be refunded.

Used Uniform Sales!!!!!

Dear Parents,
Every year North Hills Prep collects used uniforms for sale. All the money raised will be contributed to the school funds. We are accepting any clean, good condition uniforms including high school blazers, skirts, jumpers, pants, shorts, PE uniforms, and ties. The next season is just around the corner, you can simply drop the items off to the receptionist in the main building.
The Used Uniform Sale Store is operated by a group of volunteers. We only do individual sales to the new families who just join our school. All the other sales will be done on our used uniform sale days. Next sale coming August 6th at Panther Round up.
Please recycle your uniforms and start bringing them to school. Anyone who is interested in volunteering for this group or has any questions about used uniform sale can contact Winnie Cheng (winniemcheng@earthlink.net

Thank you so much for supporting our school.

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