Volunteer Groups & Opportunities

How to Volunteer:

Any questions about volunteering? Please contact Mr. Henry Wilson,

 Listed below are the Committees and their descriptions along with the Committee Chairs: 


Athletics – Supporting athletic interests and achievements across the secondary school. Focus on Fundraising.

         Chair: Mr. Ronovan Chaisson                     Email:


Facility Improvement – Improving the internal and external facility. Focus on Hands-on Help.


Library – Expanding the library to support a love of reading, scholarship, and curiosity. Focus on Resources.

  ·         Chair:  Ms. Lavonne Brooks                         Email:


Men of Hampton – Ensuring a focus on boys and young men across the school. Focus on Mentorship.

 ·         Chair: Mr. Joseph Pugh                                 Email:          


Parent University – Offering parents training and workshops based on interests/needs. Focus on Training.

  ·         Chair: Not appointed


  Road to College – Ensuring 8th- 12th graders explore colleges, careers, and community service. Focus on Events.

 ·         Chair: Michelle Favors                                  Co-Chair: Charles Horton

 Email:                                Email:


 Staff Appreciation – Sending encouragement and motivation to our staff. Focus on Kindness.

           Chair: Pierette Parker-Wheat                    Email:


Volunteers – General Support for Hampton. Focus on Welcoming New Families and Mentorship.

 ·         Chair: Kelli Cunningham                               Co-Chair: Tiffany Newhouse Smith

 Email:     Email: