Employee of the Month

North Hills Prep Employee of the Month 2013-14


North Hills Primary

Whitney Hansen 


Whitney is very scholar focused! She uses her free time during the weekendsand summer to study and learn new strategies for classroom instruction. Also, Whitney is a great teammate withexcellent suggestions of ways to do things more efficiently. It is very evidentthat Whitney cares about her scholars and their academic and charactergrowth. She leads by example for scholars, teachers and staff!

North Hills Secondary

Kathryn Vernon


Ms.Vernon was scheduled for her own room this year and another Spanish teacher wasgoing to float from room to room. Aftermeeting the new teacher, Ms. Vernon offered her room for the new teacher sothey could have a base to start off the new school year like she had theprevious year. She collaborates with ournew teacher every other day and has said that floating will make her more organized,which was one of her goals this year.She has modeling being reflective of her teaching habits and been anexemplary collaborator.

North Hills High

Scott Ivy


Scott was hired as one of two academic counselors for the2013-14 school year but with this new role became many responsibilities notnecessarily defined by the job title. Scott in the spirit of one school and acollaborator and partner took on these responsibilities because it wassomething that needed to be done-results driven. Not only did he take on manyresponsibilities but he did so in an effort to learn any and everything hecould. He did this with one mission in mind; the work must get done to best servescholars! Hats off to Scott for problem solving and his do whatever it takesattitude.

North Hills Operations

Claudia Shelton


Claudia is recognized this first month for very easilyassimilating into the NHP Operations team as our secondary school(temp/fulltime) office manager. In lessthan a month, she is demonstrating consistent and continuous excellence in eachof the core attributes highlighted above – MissionFocus, Personal Effectiveness and Working with Others. Claudia is often the first face and/or voiceto our parents, faculty, students and vendors each day and has adapted well. She’s assisted in the past as part of ourvolunteer receptionist and is continuing to support NHP in meeting the needs ofothers and is doing so with a quick smile and solid information. Claudia deserves the recognition andappreciation from all of us!