Meredith Johnston & Elizabeth Suggs ~ North Hills Class of 2003

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Meredith and Elizabeth were best friends during their school years at North Hills and now they continue their relationship as North Hill's teachers. 

Meredith and Elizabeth both started at North Hills during its first year of operation as 7th grade students. They became best friends and stayed close as they went on to college at Baylor University. Now that they're both back at North Hills as teachers, they're helping teach the next generation of students. 

What is your favorite memory from North Hills? 

Meredith: For both of us, our favorite experience was definitely our senior trip. Our entire class of 37 went to New York City with some of our parents and teachers. It was an amazing trip. We visited Broadway, shopped on Fifth Avenue, went to Ground Zero and did all the 'touristy' stuff. It was my first time to visit New York and I was so excited.

Elizabeth: Definitely. The New York trip was definitely my favorite thing from junior high and high school.

How did North Hills prepare you for college?
Meredith: We had an English teacher, Ms. Scofield, who really made us think. Everyone in that class took the AP English test and passed it with a 3 or higher. Generally speaking, North Hills gave me a very strong background in the humanities. So when I went to college, I had a great reference to pull from in terms of discussions around political science, history and English. It also gave me a really great work ethic and prepared me to carry a heavy load of homework. We took a lot of AP classes and there were lots of times I remember staying up all night working on homework and projects with Elizabeth during high school.

Elizabeth: I agree completely about Ms. Scofield. She was great at preparing us for English. Mr. Yanielly was another teacher who really stood out. He had been a successful businessman and then came to North Hills to teach a really neat Philosophy/Theory of Knowledge class that I took my senior year. Over all, we did a lot of writing at North Hills that really prepared us to succeed in college with research papers and what not. I also learned to take myself very seriously as a student. We took all the AP classes we could, and we believed we were more than capable to succeed in academia beyond high school. 

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