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Hello Parents, Guardians, and Scholars!

Tuesday,  February 21st is an...


School begins at 8am each day! Please be sure that your scholars are in school and on time. We don't want them to miss anything!!

Please make sure that scholars are in full uniform. 

Shorts are no longer allowed to be worn at this point. Scholars may resume wearing shorts after Spring break.

Young ladies and young men should wear navy blue or black bottoms with blue oxford shirts with the Hampton Crest, solid white, black, or navy blue socks, navy blue or black ties, and shoes that are 80% black or white with a sole that is not black.  Dresscode violations will be issued. 

3 Dresscode violations result in detention

3 detentions result in suspension

Lets ensure that our scholars are not receiving the aforementioned for not being in dresscode. 

 Dismissal is 4:00pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

Dismissal is 2:30pm on Wednesdays

There is no supervision after 4:30pm/3:00pm

Please ensure that arrangements are made for scholars to be picked up prior to that time.

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Parent's the time is now! We have sent home your scholar's snap codes, we need you to re-enroll now! Hold your scholars spot! Didn't get the snap code- No Problem- email: hamptonadmissions@uplifteducation.org for your scholars snap code information!

¡Padres ahora es el momento! ¡Hemos enviado a casa los códigos de inscripción de su alumno, necesitamos que haga su reinscripción ahora! Mantenga el lugar de sus alumnos! ¡No recibió el código de inscripción- No Hay Problema- mande un correo electrónico a: hamptonadmissions@uplifteducation.org para la información del código de inscripción de sus alumnos!

Monday, February 20th

Tuesday, February 21st- (A Day)

Common Assessment #3 Begins with Writing

Wednesday, February 22nd- (B Day)


Thursday, February 23rd- (B Day)

Humanities Common Assessment #3

Humanities and the Arts Night 


Uniform Exchange


If you have uniforms that your scholar no longer wears, please consider donating them to the school. 

Friday, February 24th- (A Day)

Science Common Assessment #3

Please make sure your scholars are in complete uniform. The dresscode will be strictly enforced.

 Dresscode Checklist

Tie - Solid Blue or Solid Black (Criss-Cross Solid Black or Solid Navy Blue for Ladies)

Uniform Pants- Solid Black or Solid Navy Blue Uniform Pants

Uniform Shirts- Solid blue oxford shirt with the Hampton Crest 

Friday Shirts- Orange polo with the Hampton Crest

Shoes-80% black or white shoes, with a non-black sole

Socks- Solid Black, Solid White, or Solid Navy

Belts- Solid Black or Brown

Jacket/Sweater/Crewneck- Solid Black or Navy Blue 

Tights – Solid Black or Navy Blue that goes over the foot

Blankets, bandanas, lipstick, heavy makeup, boots, black soles, and hoodies are all prohibited.


Greetings Scholars and Parents!

This month we are celebrating Black History Month. Scholars are celebrating the month in various ways throughout their classes and advisory lessons. The month will culminate with our Black History Month Celebration on February 23rd from 5-7pm. We are also wrapping up our Pennies for Patients collection, and are thrilled about the impact our scholars have made through their generous donations. 

 Resources Needed!

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Parents of Uplift Hampton MS,

I am seeking your assistance!! Please help us cut the cost of paper by donating 2 reams of copy paper per scholar to our school! I want to utilize more of our resources for curricular needs of our campus and unfortunately, the cost of paper limits my ability to maximize this effort. I would appreciate all that are willing and able to help our school!

Thank you!

Sincerely, Mrs. Parks


Monday, February 20th

Tuesday, February 21st- (A Day)

Common Assessment #3 Begins

Wednesday, February 22nd- (B Day)

Thursday, February 23rd- (B Day)

Humanities and the Arts Night 


Friday, February 24th- (A Day)

Monday, February 28th- (B Day)


Black History Month

Quizlet.com is where your scholar can review important Definitions and Facts in each class. Go to Quizlet.com and type the following into the search box:

6th - HamptonPrep6
7th - HamptonPrep7
8th - HamptonPrep8

“The best airplane won’t get far with trees in the way.”

Instruction and learning is the plane. Unwanted behaviors are the trees. Incentives are the fuel that helps scholars fly.

While offering incentives, we want to clear away obstacles to learning. If a scholar has detention, it’s because there were three behavior violations in one day (6th grade). Let’s work together to help our scholars soar.

 Thank you, Mr. Houston (jhouston@uplifteducation.org)



Director- Andrea Anderson-Parks

Dean- Abigail Golledge

Dean - David Gardner

Reading Interventionist - Cynthia Brown 

Math Interventionist - Dr. Arturo Cantu 

ESL- Felicia Wallace

Social Counselor- ReaNoel Navarrete

6th Grade Math - Isabella Pietroboni

7th Grade Math - Denishia Harris

8th Grade Math & Algebra - Alysha Landis

6th Grade ELA - Caira Heinze

7th Grade ELA - Trenese Lamb-Peters

8th Grade ELA- Lauren Mack 

6th Grade Science - Ranae Thomas

7th Grade Science - Brianna Fluker


8th Grade Science- Tonia Iwule
6th Grade World History- Khyisha Moutry
7th TX History -  Mackenzie Trachta
8th Grade US History - David Luna 
PE Teacher - 
Ryan Range 
PE Teacher - Chelsie Bell
MS Tech - Charles Miles
MS Tech- Avia Williams 
Art Teacher- Martin Kelley
Music- Thomas Wilson
6th Grade Spanish
7th Grade Spanish -  Karina Gracia
8th Grade Spanish - Sheila Gonzalez
Special Education – Austin YaterGrace Gregory 

 Math Teacher- Bradley Bowen



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