Campus Leadership

Campus Leadership

At Uplift, we have assembled the best and the brightest. This special group of educators and administrators is committed to making sure that each student graduates and enrolls in college.

Uplift Hampton Preparatory

Rich Harrison, Managing Director
Erin Barksdale, High School/Lead Director
Sharon Duplantier, Middle School Director
Roxanne Ashley, Primary Director
Ryan Thornton, Operations Director
LaChelle Cunningham, Dean of College Prep
Brady Cooper, High School Dean of Students 
Kelsey Blackwell, AP/IB Dean
Vinson Smalls, Middle School Dean of Students
Andrea Parks, MYP Dean 
Yvonne Cooper, PYP Dean

Uplift Heights Preparatory

Kristin Algier, Primary Director
Cody Yocum, Secondary Director, Operations Director 
Daniel Polk, Middle School Dean of Students
Kaitlin Meyer, MYP Dean 

Uplift Infinity Preparatory

Vachon Brackett, Middle School Director
Brian Hills, Primary Director
Layne Fisher, Operations Manager 
Denise Cherrington, Middle School Dean of Students
Jacob Stainbrook, MYP Dean
Katie Leinekugel, PYP Dean

Uplift Luna Preparatory

Candice Dagnino, High School Director 
Kristina Nitahara, Middle School Director
Karen Aikman, Primary Director
Matt Khirallah, Operations Manager
Victoria Margolin, Middle School Dean of Students  
Michael Tibbets, MYP Dean
Chloe LaFrance, PYP Dean

Uplift Meridian Preparatory

Priscilla Collins-Parhms, Managing Director
Ginger Cole-Leffel, Primary Director
Jung Cho, Operations Director 
Amanda Dudley, PYP Dean 

Uplift Mighty Preparatory

Priscilla Collins-Parhms, Managing Director
Aleia Mims, Middle School Director 
Megan Vroman, Primary Director
Andre Briggs, Operations Manager
Tiffany Starnes, Middle School Dean of Students  
Amanda Poole, MYP Dean 
Kimberly Leonard, PYP Dean 



Uplift North Hills Preparatory

Richard Young, Associate Managing Director
Tracy Odom, High School Director 
George Rutzen, Middle School Director
Becky Christensen, Primary School Director
Ray Chavez, Operations Director
Deborah Hargrove, HS Dean of Students 
Heather Pereira, AP/DP Dean, Dean of College Prep
Ben Hunt, Middle School Dean of Students
Tracy Odom, MYP Dean
Christina Ballinger, Primary Dean of Students
Megan Goodhew, PYP Dean


Uplift Peak Preparatory

Priscilla Collins-Parhms, Managing Director
Remy Washington, High School Director
Emily Nolen, Middle School Director
Chris Garcia, Primary/Lead Director
Carlos de la Garza, Ops Director  
Aleta Estrada, Dean of College Prep 
Dario Ganic, High School Dean of Students, AP Dean
Ryan Faller, Middle School Dean of Students
Kari Mills, MYP Dean
Whitney Hurwitz, Primary Dean

Uplift Pinnacle Preparatory

Rich Harrison, Managing Director 
Karen Salerno, Associate Managing Director/Campus Director
Andre Briggs, Operations Manager
Clay Yonts, Operation Manager  
Chelsea Harned, PYP Dean


Uplift Summit International Preparatory

Priscilla Collins-Parhms, Managing Director
Karen Evans, High School/Lead Director
Anson Jackson, Middle School Director
Lindyn Kish, Primary School Director
Alan Tolleson, Operations Director 
Margaret Rosenbaum, Dean of College Prep
Alberto Herrera, AP/DP Dean  
Andres Estrada, Middle School Dean of Students  
Allen Anderson, MYP Dean
Megan Pittman, PYP Dean



Uplift Williams Preparatory

Edgar Martinez, High School Director
Denise De La Rosa, Middle School Director
Wendy DeSpain, Primary School Director 
Monique Robinson, Operations Director
Devon Skerritt, Dean of College Prep
Oscar Avila, High School Dean of Students 
Robbie Johnson, AP/DP Dean 
Annette Enright, Middle School Dean of Students
Kristen Lorrain, MYP Dean 
Judith Ann Meyer, PYP Dean