School Profile & Financial Information

Uplift Peak Uplift Peak Preparatory

(Grades K-Default Styles12)


4600 Bryan Street

Dallas, TX  75204



Year opened: 2005-06

Number of students (2013-14): 1,292
First graduating class: 2009-10
School Leadership Team:


  • Karen Aikman, Associate Managing Director (K-8)
    • Whitney Hurwitz, Primary Directory 
      • Hannah Gluckstein, PYP Dean
    • Emily Nolen, Middle School Director
      • Ryan Faller, MS Dean of Students
      • Kari Mills, MYP Dean


  • Karen Evans, Associate Managing Director (9-12)
    • Remy Washington, High School Director
      • Adisa Ganic, Dean of College Prep
      • Samina Noorani, AP Dean
      • Dario Ganic, High School Dean of Students


  • Michelle Schultz, Regional Director of Operations
    • Carlos de la Garza, Operations Director 

  • Uplift Peak Prep's alumni include two Dell Scholars and one Gates Millennium Scholar

  • 100% of Uplift Peak Prep's graduates have been accepted to college

  • Campus located on $10 million of donated land and buildings