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Our core studies are based on the highly acclaimed International Baccalaureate ("IB") program. IB has been chosen as the underlying framework for education because:
  • Its rigor reinforces a culture of high expectations and prepares students for competitive university work by creating informed American and world citizens.
  • In contrast to test and drill approaches, preparation occurs through thoughtful, time tested and well researched practices.
  • The instructional approach is inquiry-based; before students are asked to memorize content, they are asked to frame questions so as to place subjects in a context. 
In the United States there are more than 500 high, middle and primary schools offer IB programs and their number is steadily growing. Our goal is to create educated informed college ready and college bound American and world citizens.

Our core studies include comprehensive education in the areas of math, science and technology; arts and humanities; and world cultures. A student enrolled at Summit International Preparatory for their K-12 education can expect to take classes such as:

Primary School

Middle School

Upper School
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