School Profile & Financial Information

Uplift Hampton Preparatoryhampton montage

(Grades K-12)
8915 South Hampton Road
Dallas, TX 75232
Year opened: 2007-08
First graduating class: 2010-11

School Leadership Team: 
Anne Erickson, Primary School Managing Director
Kecia Clark, Primary School Director 
Aubrey Steiner, PYP Dean
Chaneka Rich, PYP Dean
Britney Beynon, PYP Dean
Anson Jackson, Middle School Associate Managing Director
Andrea Parks Anderson, Middle School Director
Abigail Golledge, Dean of Scholars
Karen Evans, High School Managing Director
Brady Cooper, High School Director
Jeremy Green, AP/DP Dean
Onaje Harper, Dean of Scholars
LaChelle Cunningham, Dean of College Prep
Lindsay Butler, Regional Director of Operations
Stephen Parmer, Operations Director

  • 100% of the graduating class of 2014 was accepted to college
  • Housed in an over 70,000 square foot facility previously occupied by the University of North Texas.

  • School made possible by combination of private philanthropic grant The Harold Simmons Foundation and favorable seller financing from prior owner.
  • Dual credit program offered with local community college so students can earn 9-12 hours of college credit while in high school.