School Profile & Financial Information

Uplift Hampton Preparatoryhampton montage

(Grades K-12)
8915 South Hampton Road
Dallas, TX 75232
Year opened: 2007-08
Projected number of students (2013-14): 1,011
First graduating class: 2010-11

School Leadership Team:



  • Karen Evans, Associate Managing Director (8-12)
    • Erin Barksdale, High School Director
      • Jeremy Green, AP Dean
      • Brady Cooper, Dean of Students
      • LaChelle Cunningham, Dean of College Prep


  • Carol Sumter, Regional Director of Operations
    • Parish Wiggins, Operations Director

  • 100% of the graduating class of 2014 was accepted to college
  • Housed in an over 70,000 square foot facility previously occupied by the University of North Texas.

  • School made possible by combination of private philanthropic grant The Harold Simmons Foundation and favorable seller financing from prior owner.
  • Dual credit program offered with local community college so students can earn 9-12 hours of college credit while in high school.