School Profile & Financial Information

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Uplift Williams Preparatory

(Grades K-12)

1750 Viceroy Drive

Dallas, TX 75235



Year opened: 2007-08

Number of students (2013-14): 1,365

First graduating class: 2010-11


School Leadership Team:

  • Richard Young, Associate Managing Director
  • Edgar Rodriguez, High School Director
  • Denise De La Rosa, Middle School Director
  • Wendy DeSpain, Primary School Director 
  • Monique Robinson, Operations Director
  • , Dean of College Prep
  • Aaron Pittaway, HS Dean of Students 
  • Robbie Johnson, AP/DP Dean
  • , MS Dean of Students
  • Kristen Lorrain, MYP Dean 
  • Judith Ann Meyer, PYP Dean 

2010-11 Accountability Ratings:
Primary: Recognized

Middle: Recognized

High: Exemplary
  • 100% of the Williams Prep graduating class of 2011 was accepted to college.
  • Williams Prep alumni include two Dell Scholars.
  • Located on 12-acre campus in Dallas Medical District adjacent to Brookhollow Golf Club.

  • School made possible by combination of private philanthropic grant from The Todd and Abby Williams Foundation and favorable financing provided by former owner of buildings and land.
  • Partnership with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center – providing access to its campus, laboratories, and cutting-edge research with concurrent representation on local school board.
  • Selected and financially supported as a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) school by the Texas High School Project.