Uplift Donors

Uplift Education recognizes and extends special thanks to the following donors who have cumulatively given more than $100,000 since Uplift's inception: 

Charter School Growth Fund
Communities Foundation of Texas
Communities Foundation of Texas
    -Educate Texas
The Matejek Family Foundation
The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jake L. and Nancy B. Hamon
   Charitable Foundation
Rainwater Charitable Foundation
The Harold Simmons Foundation
The Rees-Jones Foundation
The Walton Family Foundation
U.S. Department of Education
   Teacher Incentive Fund
The Todd & Abby Williams Family

$250,000 to $999,999

The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Amon G. Carter Foundation
The Hillcrest Foundation
The Hobliztelle Foundation
M.R. & Evelyn Hudson Foundation
The Perot Foundation
The Posey Leadership Enhancement Fund
Sid W. Richardson Foundation
TI Foundation
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas


Food and Drug Administration
Greater Texas Foundation
Hillcrest Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Murphy
The Stemmons Foundation
The Mike and Mary Terry Family Foundation
The Real Estate Council Foundation (TREC)
TG Public Benefit Program
The George and Fay Young Foundation


Uplift would like to thank our many donors for supporting our efforts to provide high-quality public education choices to all students.  Donors listed are from July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013.

Gifts of $250,000 and up

Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporation
Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
Jake L. and Nancy B. Hamon Charitable Foundation
Matejek Family Foundation
The Rainwater Charitable Foundation
Sid W. Richardson Foundation
Rowling Foundation
Harold Simmons Foundation
The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Gifts of $50,000 to $249,999

Citi Community Development
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Montgomery†
The Morris Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wiggins
†Our beloved chairman passed away October 9, 2013 

Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999

The Broad Center
The Dallas Foundation

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

Ambit Energy
Mr. and Mrs. Vikrant Bhatia
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bryant
Communities Foundation Donations
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dona
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program (CF)
Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation
Project Management Services, Inc.
The Real Estate Council Foundation
Mr. Brice Tarzwell and Mrs. Connie Stamets
Ms. Ellen Wood

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Richard & Victoria Agnich Foundation
The Boston Consulting Group, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown
Mr. John Buck
Mr. Sudeep Burman and Ms. Dorothy Sherwood
Mr. and Mrs. W. Carey Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frapart
Mr. and Mrs. William Hickey
Mr. and Mrs. John McReynolds
Harry S. Moss Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Erle Mye
Mr. and Mrs. Ravi Pemmasani
Mr. and Mrs. John Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rachofsky
Sulentic Family Foundation
Summit Financial Group, Inc.
Texas Instruments Foundation
Todd and Abby Williams Family Foundation

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

1 Soltech, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. John Adams
AT&T United Way/Employee Giving Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Bigham
Blue Star Operations Services, LLC
Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Clark
Collins-Fisher Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dardick
Ms. Melissa Dennis
Mr. Jonathan Dowell
Mr. Mark Drumm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Estrada
Mr. and Mrs. Bishara Faris
Mr. Ramzi Faris
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Farley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Heckler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Helfrich
Mr. and Mrs. John Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ho
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Veera Javvadi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lafitte
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lidji
Mr. and Mrs. Sridhar Lingineni
Mr. and Mrs. Amir Makhani
Mr. and Mrs. George Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Marshall
McCall, Parkhurst & Horton L.L.P.
Mr. and Mrs. Barry McNeil
Mr. and Mrs. John Mockovciak
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Mosle
Mr. Robert Murchison
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myers
Ms. Sridevi Pabbisetty
Mr. and Mrs. Divyesh Patel
Ms. Nancy Perot
Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation
Sudharani Rallabandi
Mr. Randall Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Will Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sallman
Ms. Denise Schulte
Schwab Charitable Fund
Ms. Susan Seeds
Ms. Margareta Shea
SNAP! Event Productions
Mr. and Mrs. James Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Jere Thompson, Jr.
Mr. Jere Thompson, Sr.
Truist Comprehensive Distribution
TXU Energy
Utility Systems Solutions, Inc
Mr. Mark VanderVoort
Mr. Peter Wiggins, III
Mr. Chuck Wong
Huan Ye

Gifts up to $1,000

Mr. Joseph Acevedo and Mrs. Nelinda Duran
Ms. Angela Adkins
Aetna Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Aguirre
AIM Truancy Solutions
Mr. Timothy Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander
Mr. Prasad Amati
America’s Charities
Ms. Elizabeth Amis
Ms. Susan Anderson
Mr. Daniel Arrowood
Mr. Martin Auebach
Murali Avula
Mr. and Mrs. Venkatakumar Babu
Mr. and Mrs. Farooq Bana
Mr. and Mrs. William Bancroft
Barbara Bass Moroney Foundation Inc
Ms. Mary Ann Barbier-Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Amlan Bardhan
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barker
Ms. Robin Barnes
Ms. Kay Barry
Neelofer Basaria
Mr. Mark Baumann
BE Law
Benefit Capital Southwest, Inc.
Mr. Robert Bennett
Ms. Margaret Bermingham
Ms. Lisa Besseren
Mr. Charles Best
Mr. Vinod Bhatia
Mrs. Carla Bible
Mr. Joseph Bird
Ms. Stephanie Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bird
Ms. Monique Black
Mr. Steven Blasnik
BNY Mellon Community Partnership Employee
Ms. Elizabeth Boeing
Ramakrishna Boga
Mr. Larry Bonds
Mr. David Boyd
Mr. Daivd Braemer
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Brawner
Ms. Stephanie Bray
Ms. Becky Bruder
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Burden
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Burke
Mr.and Mrs. George Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Bustamante
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Campbell
Mr. Jeffery Caron
Ms. Carol Carrington
Ms. Cindy Carter
Ms. Cynthia Cashier
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Castillo-Lugo
Mr. and Mrs. Prasad Chandratre
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Chanin
Ms. Susie Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Milind Chauk
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Chavez
Mr. Steve Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Chun Ansel Cheng
Kumudini Cherukumilli
Mr. and Mrs. Siva Chintapatla
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Christensen
Ms. Diedra Cizoiv
Bryan Coley and Amanda Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Collins
Ms. Carol Contestabile
Mr. Carter Conway
Ms. Catherine Corrigan
Mr. and Mrs. James Cowsert
Ms. Cathleen Crews
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Crow
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Cullum
Ms. Margaret Cullum
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cullum
Ms. Roberta Daley
Mr. and Mrs. Subbarayudhu Darisipudi
Ms. Veronica Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Dooley
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dornback
Ms. Harryette Ehrhardt
Mrs. Joyce Ernst
Mr. Collin Evans
Mr. Karim Faris
Ms. Caroline Faris
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffery Fearon
Mr. and Mrs. William Ferguson
Ms. Maureen Finnegan
Mr. Mark Fisher
Ms. Rose Marie Flanagan
Ms. Monika Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Flynn
Ms. Sandra Fourzan
Ms.Cathy Fraser
Mr. Barton Freeman
Ms. Carol Gayle
The GE Foundation
Ms. MaBie Jo Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Giles
Ms. Debbie Gilmore
Mrs. Andrea Glover
Kavi Goel
Mr. Josh Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Good
Ms. Anne Goyer
Ms. Laura Grace
Mr. Jordache Grant
Mr. and Mrs. James Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Grogan
Mr. and Mrs. Navin Gupta
Ms. Kimberly Hagan
Ms. Melinda Hammack
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hancock
Ms. Holly Hands
Mrs. Bernadine Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Juzar Hasta
Mr. Stanley Herrin
Mr. Malcolm Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hills
Ms. Hollee Hirzel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hise
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hock
Mr. Simon Holmes
Ms. Ann Holtby
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Huang
Ms. Amy Hughes
Ms. Leeanne Hunt
Ms. Sonya Hutton
Ms. Liz Jackson
Ms. Brigette James
Ms. Barbara James
Mr. and Mrs. Tripura Jampala
Ms. Kathy Jenevein
Mr. Kendall Jennings
Mr. Erik Jensen
Mr. Earl Johnson
Ms. Milla Jones
Mr. Joshua Kasman
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kelley
Mr. Nabin Khadka
Mrs. Barbara Khirallah
Mr. Byong Kim
Mr. and Mrs. Frank-Paul King
Ms. Susanne Kirk
Ms. Megan Kneipp
Ms. Brandee Knox
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Kopf
Mr. and Mrs. Narasimham Kota
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kraus
L&B Realty Advisors, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Lastimosa
Ms. Elizabeth Lawlor
Mr. and Mrs. Stacy Lawrence
Ms. Heidi Leithleiter
Ms. Nicole Lidji
Ms. Allyson Lindsley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lipscomb
Ms. Alexis Logan
Mr. and Mrs. George Longino
Mr. Keith Lott
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Low
Ms. Judith Luchtman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Luxen
Ms. Arwa Madraswala
Mr. Mansoor Mahammad
Mr. Darren Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Evans Mank
Mr. and Mrs. Shailesh Manohar
Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Manon
Ms. Angela Marcellus
Ms. Caroline Massad
Mr. and Mrs. William Mc Clung
Terry McCullough
Ms. Suzanne McGee
Ms. Polly McKeithen
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McRae
Mr. Herbert Melgar
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mendenhall
Mr. Rahul Mepani
Ms. Anne Mercer
Merrymac-McKinley Foudation Inc.
Ms. Judith Meyer
Ms. Jeanne Milligan
Ms. Amy Monier
Mrs. Ruth Ann Montgomery
The Mozzarella Company
Ms. Ashley Moses
Ms. Magdalena Sofia Muldoon
Mr. and Mrs. Bhaskar Mulpuri
Mr. and Mrs. Will Mundinger
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Taito Nakagawa
Ms. Martha Narvaez
Mr. Charles Nearburg
Ms. Laura Neely
Ms. Deborah Nelson
Ms. Elizabeth Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Newton
Mrs. Elizabeth Nied
Mr. and Mrs. Scot O’Brien
Mr. Barry Olson
Narasimha and Sridevi Pabbisetty
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Pacinda
Ms. Preeti Parab
Ms. Veronica Parrish-McGruder
Mr. and Mrs. Jitesh Patel
Ms. Erika Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Penn
Penn Davis McFarland, Inc.
Mr. Kip Plankinton
Ms. Marian Pobee
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Poole
Mr. Brian Powell
Dr. Katherine Prater
Profile Consultants, Inc.
Mr. Michael Quinlan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ragland
Mrs. Beth Ramage
Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio Ramos
Ms. Terri Ravnik
Mr. Stu Ravnik
Mr. and Mrs. James Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Rafi Raza
Ms. Gabriela Reavis
Ms. Beverlee Ruman
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Roach
Ms. Loretta Robinson
Mr. Jonathan Rofer
Ms. Amy Roman
Ms. Rebecca Roose
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosalez
Mr. and Mrs. John Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ryder
Ms. LeDee Kidd Sachs
Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church
Mr. and Mrs. Srinivas Samala
Ms. Tiffany Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sanchez
Ms. Melissa Sandoval
Mrs. Jessica Scherer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmitz
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schuepbach
Mr. and Mrs. Anwer Shahabuddin
Ms. Ann Shaw
Syaz Sheikh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Skattum
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Skinner
Mr. John Small
Ms. Elizabeth Small
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith
Ms. Bonnie Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Solis
Ms. Kelly South
Mr. Joe Staggs
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stern
Ms. Ann Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. John Stover
Ms. Daphne Sydney
Ms. Rhonda Tello
Mr. David Thallapureddy
Mr. and Mrs. Senthil Thiyagavajan
Ms. Rosemary Thornton
Ms. Nicole Tietz
Mr. Anthony Tillman
Mr. Cameron Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Valdez
Ms. Marcia Varel
Mr. Dennis Vasquez
Ms. Alison Victoria
Ms. Cynthia Wade
Mr. Sebastian Wagner
Ms. Laura Ward
Ms. Hallie Welfelt
Wells Fargo Community Support/United Way
Mr. Will Maddox
Ms. Cynthia Williams
Ms. Barbara Williams
Mr. Spencer Williams
Mr. Phillip Williams
Ms. Cathy Williamson
Mr. Rebecca Wolfson Bruder
Ms. Michelle Wood
Ms. Nancy Works
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Yard
Mr. and Mrs. James Yoder
Ms. Mary Young
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zajicek
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Zapffe
Mrs. Elizabeth Zimmerman