Newsletters & Information

Every Tuesday afternoon, your scholar will bring home a “Tuesday Folder” with important school information and updates.It is essential that you review the folder and return it with any signature required documents the next day with your scholar. 

This folder will be the primary means of communication between Luna Primary and your family. 
        August 2014                                     September 2014                                      October 2014
LP Tuesday Notes 8.5.14                    LP Tuesday Notes 9.2.14                      LP Tuesday Notes 10.6.14 
LP Tuesday Notes 8.12.14                  LP Tuesday Notes 9.9.14                      LP Tuesday Notes 10.14.14
LP Tuesday Notes 8.19.14                  LP Tuesday Notes 9.16.14                   LP Tuesday Notes 10.21.14
                                                               LP Tuesday Notes 9.23.14                    LP Tuesday Notes 10.28.14
                                                               LP Tuesday Notes 9.30.14 
       November 2014
       March 2015