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Uplift Hampton Preparatory is a K-12 campus located in southern Dallas.
Uplift Education is a free public charter school network serving almost 10,000 scholars on 13 campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.
Uplift is dedicated to providing a college preparatory education to all students in North Texas. 

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8915 S. Hampton Road
Dallas, Texas 75232



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  •  Secondary Car Line Map
    Secondary Car Line – In an effort to ease the amount of traffic coming in and out of the parking lot, car line for the remodeled Secondary building will split the traffic up by Middle and High School scholars on the North and South sides of the building, respectively.


    Morning car line will have Hampton staff at the entrances to welcome scholars into the building.


    Afternoon car line will have police officers at the corner of Beckleymeade and Stoneview and the Stoneview gate entrance/exit to direct traffic. 


    To further reduce congestion in the surrounding areas, it is advised that Middle School parents approach the campus eastbound on Beckleymeade (see map here), while High School parents come south on Stoneview from the I-20 service road (see map here).  No left turns will be allowed from Beckleymeade.


    SAFETY NOTICE – Scholars who walk home MUST have a signed permission form on file with the front office before they will be allowed to leave campus.  Additionally, in the interest of your child’s safety, all walkers will be held in the gymnasium and released at 4:30, when car line has concluded.  This will cut down on the number of safety issues we have had in the past with scholars walking through traffic during our peak car line hours. 
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  • Primary Car Line Map

    Primary Car Line - Car line for the new Primary building will enter through the Westfall Drive gate and exit via Stoneview Drive, following a single-file line so that scholars may enter and exit the passenger’s side of the vehicle directly from/onto the sidewalk without crossing through traffic.

    Morning car line will have Hampton staff available to help scholars out of their vehicles and welcome them into the building.


    Afternoon car line will have Hampton staff available to walk scholars to their vehicles and help them get in.  We advise that parents leave enough space between their car and the car ahead of them so that they may pull out of line and depart as soon as their scholar is inside the vehicle.


    As there is inadequate space for cars to line up on Westfall Drive between the entrance gate and Hampton Road, parents will line up along Westfall toward Stoneview and around the corner, if need be.  It is recommended that parents approach Westfall from the south, coming up Stoneview from Danieldale Road, in order to avoid the traffic from the Secondary building.


    Daycare scholars can be picked up directly from the Primary Building at 3:30 PM, but will be relocated to the Gymnasium at 4:00 PM.  Scholars with older siblings will also be relocated to the gym at 4:00 PM for their sibling to pick them up.

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