Radically Enthusiastic Volunteers (REV)


 In this section, you will learn the basic skills needed to be successful when working with Uplift Scholars.  There are three parts to the training
  • Watch the introductory video
  • Read this information provided in the presentation
  • Review the essay writing review form

STEP 1:  Watch this video.
STEP 2: Please read this presentation, which explains the steps on the Road to College program.
STEP 3: Read this form, which you will use as a guide when you are working with scholars during the workshops.  
essay form  
Form to Review Essays (Please use if the link in the button does not work.)
If you have questions after completing the training, you may email Erin Hearn at  Also, you may save your questions for the College Counselor on the day of your first workshop.  Once you complete your training, you may click below to schedule your first volunteer time.  Let's get started!