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Nurses are Uplift Educations Superhero’s

Release Date: 05/23/22

Dallas, TX – Uplift Education school nurses have a critical role in ensuring that Uplift schools effectively address issues related to the health and well-being of children, including the impacts of COVID-19. Their work helps to bridge the gap between healthcare and education.

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic starts to wane, the Uplift Health Services staff continue to go above and beyond, keeping students, teachers, and staff safe and healthy to achieve academic success. Daily testing for flu, strep, and COVID-19 remains available to all students, in all 45 Uplift health clinics. With the decline in COVID-19 cases, nurses have added an emphasis on managing the emotional effects of the pandemic and meeting the physical and nutritional needs of the students going forward which include a new food pantry.

Uplift Market is an in-network food pantry, in partnership with the Mint Foundation, that the Uplift Health Services team formed in response to the rising health concerns our students are experiencing related to food insecurities. “Our nurses are the epitome of going above and beyond, “said Yasmin Bhatia, CEO of Uplift Education. “Our ‘superheroes’ managed a pandemic, met student needs, performed nursing procedures, and tended to the wholistic needs of each student individually all while rooted in strength.”

Uplift’s idea of “school” as a building has grown into an understanding of “school” as a community. Our goal is

for every student to have access to schools with the resources, opportunities, and health supports that make academic success possible and create strong ties among families, students, staff, and communities. In doing this, we provide more equitable opportunities and prepare our students for long-term success, both as students and as citizens as we wait to see what the 2022-23 school year will look like.

Uplift Education

Uplift Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of teachers, families, and, most importantly, students. With a network of 45 college preparatory, public charter schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Uplift offers students of any background the powerful chance to study within a multidisciplinary curriculum and prepare for the college or career they deserve. Established in 1996, the network has grown to serve over 23,000 students in Pre-K- 12th grades, with the majority being low-income and minority students who will be the first in their family to attend college.

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Kimberly Esparza
Marketing and Public Relations Manager