Board Members 2022-23


Cullum Clark*

Chairman of the Board
Director of the Bush Institute, Economic Growth Initiative

Lael Melville*

Vice-Chairman of the Board

CEO, The Melville Family Foundation

Cristina Barbosa

Community Volunteer and Executive Director of the Michael Young Family Foundation

Roslyn Barker

Executive Chief of Staff, Toyota North America

John Beckert*

Chair- Development Committee, Strategic Planning
Operating Partner, Highlander Partners, L.P.

Michielle Benson

Executive Director, The Arts for Minority Youth

Adam Cox

Partner, Bain & Company

Cathleen Crews

Director, Matter Family Office

Dawn Davidson*

Chair- Governance Committee, Strategic Planning
Vice President & Creative Director, Alpha Business Images, LLC

Pilar Davies*

Co-Chair – School Engagement Committee

Tony Dona


Former Chairman of the Board

Executive Director, Greystar-Thackeray

Ossa Fisher

President and Chief Operating Officer, iStation

Richard Frapart

Former Chairman of the Board

Honorary Member of the Executive Committee

Ricky Garcia*

Senior Program Manager, Schwab Community Services & Charles Schwab Foundation

Rusty Jaggers

Community Volunteer

Cameron Johnson*

Chair- Real Estate Committee
CEO, Nickson

Andre McEwing*

Chair- Uplift Fort Worth Advisory Board
Supplier Diversity Manager, Tarrant County College

Elena McFann

President, Medicare, Government Business Division, Anthem, Inc.

John McPherson*

Chair – Strategic Planning Committee, Finance
Vice Chairman, Forterra, Inc.

Harold Montgomery

Managing Director, Wirex USA, Inc.

Michael Stack*

Chair- Finance Committee
Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director, Genus Holdings, LLC

James Stanton*

Chair- Advocacy Committee
Partner, Stanton LLP

Ed Tauriac*

Chair – Audit Committee
Senior Strategic Advisory, FTI Consulting

Christine VanDeVelde*

Co-Chair – School Engagement Committee

Author, Journalist and Speaker

Kevin Bryant

Former Chairman of the Board

General Counsel, Crow Holdings

Melissa McNeil

Former Chairman of the Board

Ryan Moss

Former Chairman of the Board

Executive Vice President & CFO, Lucid Energy Group

*denotes executive committee