Why Uplift?

Learn what makes us different. Educational success since 1996.

You have choices.  There’s your local public school, that costly private school, or one of several mystery schools that have popped up nearby.  So why choose Uplift?

It’s simple. We have a proven track record and a formula for success that WORKS! 


ALL our scholars engage in the globally-focused learning model known as International Baccalaureate® (IB®), which teaches academic basics (language, social studies, mathematics, arts, and science), but connects learning with real-world concepts and ideas.  IB® encourages critical thinking, questions, discussions, and personal growth. IB programmes help students to develop the knowledge, dispositions and skills needed for both academic and personal success. Learn more about IB

Caring Teachers

Simply put, our teachers care about your child.  We are ready to meet your child at any level of learning, whether your child needs to be challenged, or your child needs help catching up.  Our classrooms are structured so that each scholar receives the personal attention and customized learning to achieve success.

College/Career Bound

With a focus on the future, Uplift scholars explore various colleges and careers and discover their personal potential.  At Uplift, you won’t find any pressure to “choose a career path” before leaving high school.  We equip our scholars with the tools they need to succeed in college, career, and whatever life path they choose. Learn more about our Road To College and Career. 


Even before social/emotional learning (SEL) was a household word, Uplift was giving our students the tools to become mature and compassionate individuals. At Uplift You will find classrooms where each child explores and understands their emotions and learns to respect both adults and peers.

We call this formula for success our Whole Scholar Approach.  Learn more about this unique learning environment by clicking the links below. 

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