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Who wants career opportunities in the healthcare industry?

  • College prep combined with a healthcare career focus
  • Healthcare certifications and college credit earned in high school
  • Priority job placements with our partner, Baylor Scott & White Health

Begin Your Healthcare Career with Uplift Education

Heights Healthcare Institute prepares scholars with the skills needed to succeed in today’s most in-demand healthcare careers through Healthcare Therapeutic, Biomedical Science, Nursing, and Health Operations learning pathways

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Heights Healthcare Institute Program Benefits:

  • Specialized healthcare classes access to athletics & extracurricular activities  
  • Immersive work-based learning experiences
  • Earn industry credentials and certifications
  • Dual credit & IB curriculum
  • Access to athletics & extracurricular activities
  • JUMP, College March & Senior Decision Day credentials and certifications
  • Job preference with Baylor Scott & White Health
  • College tuition & career services assistance

*Tuition assistance and healthcare career navigation services through Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) Workforce Development team. Heights Healthcare Institute graduates and are given job preference with BSWH after graduating high school, a 2-year or 4-year college. 

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Healthcare Pathways

Uplift Heights Healthcare Institute scholars receive an exceptional educational experience, including access to the International Baccalaureate (IB) academic program and our first-class Road to College and Career Services while pursuing their studies through the career pathway of their choice.

Career pathways were defined to best prepare scholars with patient-facing and non-patient-facing skills and knowledge needed for the most in-demand healthcare careers. These pathways offer significant opportunities for scholars to prepare for and secure rewarding jobs in the healthcare field.

Healthcare Therapeutics

Provides students with valuable insights into diagnosing and treating acute, episodic, or chronic illnesses, either independently or as part of a healthcare team.

Biomedical Science

Introduces students to the critical intersection of biology and medicine, offering the knowledge and skills needed for success in the healthcare industry.


Equips students with essential knowledge and skills in patient care, including caring for patients, monitoring vital signs, developing and implementing care plans.

Healthcare Operations

Provides students with a comprehensive understanding of planning, directing, and coordinating administrative services and operations within an organization.


Scholars explore a comprehensive range of healthcare careers and take foundational healthcare course electives in the 9th grade. In the 10th grade, they choose their specific healthcare pathway to complete alongside their high school coursework.

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Free Public Charter School

At Uplift Education, we believe that every student deserves access to a high-quality education, which is why our charter schools are tuition-free, ensuring that education is accessible to all.

Our primary focus at Uplift is to prepare students for college and career readiness, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to thrive in their future endeavors.

The Uplift Difference

Learn & Earn

An opportunity for Uplift scholars to earn up to $3,100 for college or career after graduation with Uplift's "A New Way to Learn & Earn" scholarship program! Starting in 5th grade, complete challenges throughout the year to earn credits up to $300, paid after high school graduation. Challenges focus on building scholars, fostering strong school cultures, and achieving college and career readiness.

Road to College and Career

Uplift’s unique Road To College & Career (RTCC) program is unparalleled in how we prepare our scholars for life after high school. The RTCC program offers offers comprehensive career guidance and support, starting in middle school and continuing beyond high school graduation. From career exposure and personalized assistance we are dedicated to helping our scholars navigate post-graduation opportunities and find their dream careers.

Safety and Security

We prioritize the safety and security of our campuses. With gated and fenced facilities, electronic access systems, security cameras, and locked doors regularly monitored, we take extensive measures to prioritize the safety of our scholars.

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Apply now

As a new parent interested in Uplift Education’s charter schools, rest assured that the application process is straightforward and equitable. Uplift Education does not require admission exams or interviews; instead, a random and automated lottery system is used to ensure fairness. Open to all students who meet the age requirements, you have the opportunity to apply to up to three Uplift schools and set a priority order, knowing that each Uplift school offers an exceptional educational experience.

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Heights Healthcare Institute Partnership

In 2023, Uplift Education with Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) was selected as one of 10 education/healthcare partners nationwide to receive a substantial $14.9 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. This unprecedented partnership has transformed Uplift Heights Preparatory into Uplift Heights Healthcare Institute, a career-technical education (CTE) high school that prepares scholars for well-paying careers in healthcare.  

Primary and middle school students interested in Heights Healthcare Institute programming should apply to Uplift Education as preference is given to Uplift Education scholars. Uplift Heights Preparatory primary and middle school scholars are given preference over all other applicants. Apply now and embark on a transformative journey with Uplift Education and give your scholar endless opportunities in the healthcare industry.  

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Each of the pathways offers scholars a range of future careers.  Below are a few examples of patient and non-patient careers and estimated salaries that our scholars will have an opportunity to pursue depending on which pathway they chose and when they decide to join the workforce.  


For those joining the workforce directly after high school: 

  • $35,000Certified Medical Assistant  (patient) | Medical Records Technician and Billing Specialist (non-patient)
  • $45,000 -  Licensed Vocational Nurse (patient) | Forensic Science Technician (non-patient)
  • $75,000 - Dental Hygienists (patient) | Purchasing Agents (non-patient)


For those who plan to join the workforce after college (4 year, 2 years, and graduate studies) 

  • $85,000Registered Nurse (patient)Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers (non-patient)
  • $120,000Nurse Practitioner (patient) | Purchasing and Supply Chain Managers (non-patient)
  • $200, 000+Medical Doctor & Surgeons (patient)

As details of the grant are finalized, Uplift is excited to share more information about our healthcare hospital system partner. Add your information to the form above to be notified when more details are available.

Through Uplift scholar career surveys, scholars identified healthcare as one of their top 3 industries of interest. Additionally, according to a Texas Workforce Commission Labor Market analysis, the demand for all healthcare occupations is expected to grow at a much faster rate than all occupations combined. Recent projections indicate employment in Healthcare Occupations will grow 18.4 % by 2028, adding more than 190,000 new jobs.

No, at this time Uplift does not provide transportation to and from school. Families and scholars are responsible for their own transportation to and from school.

  • Rising 9th graders (current 8th graders) will be given preference into the healthcare program at Uplift Heights. If they are not interested in the healthcare pathways program, Uplift will support a transfer to a neighboring Uplift school.
  • Rising 10th-12th graders (current 9th – 11th graders) will continue in the current Uplift programming at Uplift Heights, alongside the healthcare program starting in 9th grade. The healthcare program will grow by one year with the inaugural 9th grade class until it is fully built out in the 2027-2028 school year. Rising 10th – 12th graders will benefit from additional career exposure opportunities on campus. All scholars will have access to alumni healthcare career certification programs with a hospital partner at the conclusion of 12th grade if they are joining the workforce immediately after graduation.
  • Rising PreK-8th graders will continue within the current primary and middle schools through 8th grade. At 8th grade, they will have the opportunity to either attend Uplift Heights high school or preferentially attend a neighboring Uplift High School.

The new school will continue to provide services for English Learners.  Individual LPACs (Language Proficiency Assessment Committees) will make recommendations about the most appropriate services for each scholar. 

Families of current scholars at Uplift Heights are eligible for transfers to another Uplift school where we have open seats. See the steps below: 


  • Complete an application indicating their first preference their desired Uplift school to transfer.  
    • Note:   If a family has multiple scholars that they are interested in moving, they will need to fill out a separate application per scholar (being sure to use the same parent email in each application).  
    • Note:  We highly encourage families to tell us their top three preferences should there be no open seats at their first-choice school.   
  • Wait for a call or email from an Uplift representative who will acknowledge and process the transfer to the new Uplift school.