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Uplift Heights journey into a healthcare-focused high school

Experience the Future of Healthcare Education at Uplift Heights High School

An exciting transformation in education is underway at Uplift Heights high school. Thanks to a substantial grant, a groundbreaking partnership with a major hospital system in North Texas, and family feedback for more career options, we’re revolutionizing the way we prepare students for rewarding careers in healthcare. This journey begins in August 2024, as we welcome incoming 9th graders who will be at the forefront of this transformative experience. Get ready to embark on a path that will shape your child’s future and open doors to endless possibilities in the healthcare field.

Healthcare Pathway Opportunities​

Scholars have the exciting opportunity to explore various healthcare careers and select a specific healthcare elective pathway starting in their 10th grade year. With options like Biomedical Science, Nursing, Healthcare Therapeutic, and Distribution & Logistics, scholars can specialize their studies and gain practical training in their chosen field. The school provides extensive support, including guidance from counselors and industry professionals, to help scholars make informed decisions about their pathway and prepare for successful careers in healthcare.

Benefits for Scholars

This new Healthcare-focused high school means incredible opportunities including:

  • Traditional International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum combined with a focused healthcare education
  • Four available healthcare pathways
  • Scholars earn college credits while in high school relevant to their chosen healthcare pathway 
  • Hands-on learning experiences in a newly created medical simulation lab on-campus  
  • Regular career guest speakers and field trips in the healthcare space   
  • Healthcare-focused job shadows and summer internships
  • Prioritized job placement at our hospital system partner (even after 4- or 2-year college degree)
  • Potential for 4-or 2-year college degree tuition reimbursement


Uplift Heights rising 9th grade scholars (current 8th graders) will have priority in the admission process for the healthcare program.

We will be using a lottery system if there is more interest than beyond the current Heights student body. Scholars from across the network are also welcome to apply for healthcare pathways and will have priority over the general public. The remaining spots will be available for new applications and will be offered spots as they are available through our lottery system.

Continuation of Essential Elements

  • Parents can rest assured that their scholars will receive the same accommodations as they would at their current Uplift campus. We understand the importance of a well-rounded education, which is why we offer a wide range of athletics and extracurricular activities for scholars to participate in.
  • Our dedicated team of college and career counselors will continue to be unmatched in our counselor to scholar ratios and will provide comprehensive support to guide scholars on their road to college and offer assistance in exploring career options. Our counseling team supports our scholars even after graduation as they embark on their college and career journey.
  • We value and celebrate network traditions such as JUMP, College March, and Senior Decision Day, and will be ensuring that these meaningful traditions are upheld at our school.

Interested in learning more?

Add your details here and we will keep you informed of our latest updates as information is available.


The Uplift program will best prepare scholars for careers in healthcare through its curriculum, career exposure, hands-on experiences, and job placements through our hospital partner. Scholars will earn college credit and will be given job preference through our hospital partner either immediately after graduation or after graduating from a 4- or 2-year college. Uplift’s pathway provides:

  • Career Readiness: Healthcare classes, healthcare career experiences, mentors, internships, and classroom visits from healthcare professionals
  • Jobs in Healthcare: Our exclusive hospital partnership provides scholars with real-world experiences and job placement opportunities, immediately after high school or after 4- or 2-year college graduation
  • College Credits: Scholars earn college credits while in high school relevant to their chosen healthcare pathway 
  • More Choices After High School Graduation: Through multiple hospital-based experiences, students develop a strong understanding of their preferred healthcare field, empowering them to make informed career choices
  • Career Flexibility: Uplift's approach allows scholars to tailor their next steps, whether it's entering a 4- or 2-year college, joining the workforce, or pursuing certification-based roles within our esteemed hospital system
  • Biomedical science (focuses on the areas of biology, chemistry and laboratory research) 
  • Nursing 
  • Healthcare therapeutic (focuses primarily on direct care, treatment, counseling, or health education information) 
  • Distribution & logistics (business-side of a hospital system) 

The 4 healthcare pathways offered for study at the high school include those that prepare scholars for both “patient-facing roles” like Patient Care Techs, Radiology Techs, Nurses, and Doctors as well as “non-patient facing roles” that lead to jobs on the “business-side” of the hospital system like medical records technician, billing specialist, etc.   

Each of the pathways offers scholars a range of future careers.  Below are a few examples of patient and non-patient careers and estimated salaries that our scholars will have an opportunity to pursue depending on which pathway they chose and when they decide to join the workforce.  


For those joining the workforce directly after high school: 

  • $35,000Certified Medical Assistant  (patient) | Medical Records Technician and Billing Specialist (non-patient)
  • $45,000 -  Licensed Vocational Nurse (patient) | Forensic Science Technician (non-patient)
  • $75,000 - Dental Hygienists (patient) | Purchasing Agents (non-patient)


For those who plan to join the workforce after college (4 year, 2 years, and graduate studies) 

  • $85,000Registered Nurse (patient)Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers (non-patient)
  • $120,000Nurse Practitioner (patient) | Purchasing and Supply Chain Managers (non-patient)
  • $200, 000+Medical Doctor & Surgeons (patient)

As details of the grant are finalized, Uplift is excited to share more information about our healthcare hospital system partner. Add your information to the form above to be notified when more details are available.

Through Uplift scholar career surveys, scholars identified healthcare as one of their top 3 industries of interest. Additionally, according to a Texas Workforce Commission Labor Market analysis, the demand for all healthcare occupations is expected to grow at a much faster rate than all occupations combined. Recent projections indicate employment in Healthcare Occupations will grow 18.4 % by 2028, adding more than 190,000 new jobs.

No, at this time Uplift does not provide transportation to and from school. Families and scholars are responsible for their own transportation to and from school.

  • Rising 9th graders (current 8th graders) will be given preference into the healthcare program at Uplift Heights. If they are not interested in the healthcare pathways program, Uplift will support a transfer to a neighboring Uplift school.
  • Rising 10th-12th graders (current 9th – 11th graders) will continue in the current Uplift programming at Uplift Heights, alongside the healthcare program starting in 9th grade. The healthcare program will grow by one year with the inaugural 9th grade class until it is fully built out in the 2027-2028 school year. Rising 10th – 12th graders will benefit from additional career exposure opportunities on campus. All scholars will have access to alumni healthcare career certification programs with a hospital partner at the conclusion of 12th grade if they are joining the workforce immediately after graduation.
  • Rising PreK-8th graders will continue within the current primary and middle schools through 8th grade. At 8th grade, they will have the opportunity to either attend Uplift Heights high school or preferentially attend a neighboring Uplift High School.

The new school will continue to provide services for English Learners.  Individual LPACs (Language Proficiency Assessment Committees) will make recommendations about the most appropriate services for each scholar. 

Families of current scholars at Uplift Heights are eligible for transfers to another Uplift school where we have open seats. See the steps below: 


  • Complete an application indicating their first preference their desired Uplift school to transfer.  
    • Note:   If a family has multiple scholars that they are interested in moving, they will need to fill out a separate application per scholar (being sure to use the same parent email in each application).  
    • Note:  We highly encourage families to tell us their top three preferences should there be no open seats at their first-choice school.   
  • Wait for a call or email from an Uplift representative who will acknowledge and process the transfer to the new Uplift school.