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Newsweek Feature: Uplift’s World-Class IB Education

Why IB® for Uplift?

At Uplift Education, we adopted the International Baccalaureate® (IB®) as our academic pathway more than 20 years ago. Because we focus on creating opportunities for scholars through the thoughtful curation of programs like IB®, Uplift is the largest IB® district in Texas and the 2nd largest IB® district in the nation! College graduation rates for Uplift scholars are four (4) times the national average for low-income scholars because they’re prepared for the rigors of their college career. We offer an IB education to all students in the network unlike other IB programs that only offers the program to certain grade levels or requires students to receive a particular test score to gain admission to the program. We are an “IB® for all” network ensuring that we provide scholars, who would normally not have access, a prestigious college and life preparatory program of study.

One of the most unique things about being at an International Baccalaureate® school is that we’re not just doing assessments based on an outdated pen and paper test. Oftentimes, we’re assessing a scholar’s ability to present material in class, in a way that truly reflects the ideas of the curriculum. This allows us to avoid scholars simply regurgitating information that they’ve memorized and instead we can assess real growth and understanding within the scholar. 

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