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Passing The Knowledge On

Bedrick Topovich remembers being a little kid and having his mom ask him to look at a spreadsheet instead of watching cartoons. Bedrick’s mother was an accountant in Peru specializing in bookkeeping and auditing.  

“At first, I would get upset because it wasn’t fun at all,” said Bedrick. “But then it eventually piqued my interest and lead me to pursue accounting.”

Bedrick has followed in his mother’s footsteps and currently works for Irving Independent School District as a Staff Accountant.

After graduating from Uplift North Hills in 2016, Bedrick studied at UT Dallas. While he was excited to be in college, it was a big transitional period for him. Bedrick was nervous about leaving his friends from UNHP behind, however, once he joined a non-profit organization on campus, he found himself coming out of his shell, interacting with others, and finding his niche.

“Having experienced these emotions before, I definitely feel that myself and other alumni on the Uplift Alumni Board can ease the burden for any high school graduates heading into college who are worried or nervous about the transition,” Bedrick said.

The goal of the newly created Uplift Alumni Board program is to help innovate and develop new ways to activate, engage, and connect current scholars and Uplift alumni around the network.  This will help strengthen the Uplift alumni network as well as provide opportunities to learn and grow as young adults preparing for a career.  

“I’m excited for the Alumni Board to provide Uplift scholars heading into college with knowledge of what we’ve experienced, Bedrick said. “We’re happy to answer questions about different career paths, majors, advice for progressing your career after college, etc.”

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