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Getting Into The Routine Of Coming Back To School

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We are only a few days away from the first day of school and we cannot wait to see our scholars back in person! That being said, we are aware that for some of our scholars, it has been several months since they have been on campus. That is why we have created some talking points along with some tips and suggestions to help families ensure their scholar’s first day of school is a great one!

Going to sleep at night

Those late nights playing video games and watching Disney + are about to come to an end. Talk with your scholar(s) about the importance of getting enough sleep every day. If you’re unsure just how much is enough, you are in luck! According to WebMD, children should receive the following amount of sleep every day:

3-6 Years Old 
10 – 12 hours per day

Consider providing your 3-6 year old scholars a bed time between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM, if they will be waking up around 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM. As children get older, the tendency to want to take a nap decreases, so they need all the rest they can get at night so they can wake up recharged, reenergized and ready to learn!

7-12 Years Old 
10 – 11 hours per day

As children get older, they become more involved in activities such as sports, chores, homework, etc. This naturally results in later bedtimes, but try to keep their routine bedtime around 9:00 PM so that they can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

12-18 Years Old 
8 – 9 hours per day

Bedtimes may be a little harder to enforce when your scholars are teenagers. However, rest assured that providing them with structure and a schedule will actually help them be more successful. Try to limit the amount of late nights, and don’t be afraid to set boundaries around technology. Learn more about Useful Apps for Parents to Monitor Device Usage.

Finishing their Summer Assignments

Uplift recognized the importance of providing opportunities for scholars to practice and refine skills that they will need in their upcoming grade. In addition to this, studies have shown that scholars are at risk to lose knowledge in math and reading due to COVID-19 disruptions. This is why we designed grade-level specific summer assignment packet(s) for our scholars. Please check with your scholars and make sure they have completed all packets listed under their upcoming grade level.  All packets, including reading assignments, should be completed by the first day of school, August 9th, 2021.

Trying on their uniform

All Uplift scholars will be required to wear uniforms this year. Prior to the first day of school, it is a good idea for your scholar to try on their uniform to make sure it fits comfortably. Our scholars will be undergoing a myriad of emotions as they step foot on campus on Monday and having to worry about their uniform is not something we want them to be stressed over. If they have outgrown their uniform from last year, feel free to take advantage of Tax-Free weekend this weekend to score some savings.

Please check your campus’ website to find more information regarding the school dress code.

Practicing their morning routine

Getting ready in the morning is always such a hassle, especially during the summer. However, some of our scholars haven’t had to get up early and get ready for school in a very long time. It’s important for them to establish a routine and practice it ahead of time. This weekend, have your scholars wake up early and eat breakfast, just like if they were getting ready for school. Remind them to brush their teeth before leaving the house, and bring with them all the necessary supplies they will need. Lastly, while we cannot mandate masks on campus, we strongly encourage our scholars to wear a mask while in school to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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